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Wide Ranging Distribution...

With our exclusive Multi-Cast system of content delivery (satellite, Web, and cellular), we assure entertainment event producers of the widest possible exposure for their media functions via on-air HDTV broadcast, HDTV cablecast, and HDTV home mini satellite dish -- as well as the world wide Web and cellular feeds. No other broadcast wire service provider has the wide ranging distribution capabilities available to TV-Wire.


Broadcast Services

24/7 SAT Feeds TV-Wire offers pre-selected HDTV feeds of the latest entertainment and movie events from our main Atlanta facilities and our shared uplink facilities on both coasts of the United States, as well as our leased facilities in the UK, Europe, and the Far East. We also offer dedicated and non dedicated satellite relay services for broadcasters.

Breaking News Events When breaking entertainment based news of major interest to our downstream stations demand it, we shift to around the clock HDTV coverage of the event with constantly updated downlink feed streams, ensuring that the latest news is always delivered "from our crew to you" in the shortest time possible.

One of TV-Wire's MUVs (Mobile Uplink Vehicles) Remote Uplink When the situation or news content requires it, TV-Wire mobilizes one of our Mobile Uplink Vehicles (MUVs) to get that coverage as quickly as possible on the satellite.

Each MUV is a full featured, self contained, self-powered SAT uplink facility and production studio with direct to satellite feeds from the remote location the uplink is established from, making our "direct from crew to you" guarantee a true reality.


Kate Eckman, East Coast Events Reporter Event Reporting Each of our HDTV ENG entertainment event crews consist of a two or three person unit comprised of a professional ENG videographer/producer with many years of experience, one of our on-air reporters, and if the venue conditions necessitate it, a sound/boom person.

These combined TV-Wire multi-national ENG crews of highly dedicated professionals ensures that the quality of TV-Wire's event coverage that our broadcast outlets demand --and have come to expect is achieved each and every time we cover an entertainment related news story or media event.



TV-WireSM hits 225M viewer mark!
On Friday, 9/17/10, 225 million viewers world-wide watched some program content over commercial broadcast TV (including cable and home satellite) that was delivered via TV-Wire's C and Ku band satellite feeds or relays. 87% of all U.S. commercial broadcast TV, cable, and home satellite venues, and 18% of international broadcasters, carried content that was delivered via the TV-Wire service or originated from our West Coast remote mobile SAT uplink vehicles (MUVs) in Santa Maria, CA.

Coverage Our normal range of featured entertainment event coverage includes movie premieres, TV press junkets, one-on-one interviews, award show telecasts, charity and benefit events, as well as entertainment news.

Angela Riccio, West Coast Teen Beat ReporterWWW-WireSM Most of our coverage is available for Web via our WWW-Wire subsidiary. Our TV broadcast segs can be furnished in HDi optimized for Web streaming or download in Apple QT and HD Flash formats.

Entertainment multi-media on your own cellular phone!CellWiredSM Most of our entertainment and movie event coverage is also available for smartphone cellular devices via our CellWired subsidiary. We modify our TV event broadcast coverage to make the best use of current cellular phone memory allocation and carrier bandwidth constraints.

Staci Layne Wilson, West Coast Events Reporter & 60 Second Critic Reviews60 Second CriticSM TV-Wire is the home of "The 60 Second Critic" (having originated both the term and the concept). The 60 Second Critic and companion Must See DVD on-camera review segments are two of our most popular features. Both spots are available for HDTV broadcast, Web, and cellular distribution.

Content Delivery We distribute our entertainment event coverage for TV broadcast via C and KU band satellite, or wire feed (H.323), Web via T2/T1 or FTP means, and cellular distribution via our YouTube Channel. TV-Wire original programming is produced in 16:9 / 4:3 HDTV formats (NTSC, ATSC, and PAL).

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