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Licensing Fees


Please contact us for broadcast licensing details.


Some of our entertainment and movie event feeds can be licensed on an exclusive basis by market, venue, or geographical boundaries.



On-Camera Reviews

60 Second Critic Movie Reviews 60 Second CriticSM Our exclusive 60 Second Critic feature is one of TV-Wire's most popular and requested media features. Reported by TV-Wire's very popular movie reviewer, Staci Layne Wilson (MPAA accredited), she gives an opening day on-camera review of selected movies. Available for broadcast, and Web.


60 Second Critic DVD Reviews Must See DVDSM Our exclusive Must See DVD feature is another one of TV-Wire's most popular media features. Also reported by TV-Wire's Staci Layne Wilson, she gives a pre-street on-camera review of selected DVDs, as well as commenting on the extra features included. Available for broadcast or Web.

Contact us for use licensing and pricing on the above two very popular TV-Wire features.

* Movie and DVD reviews go to TV broadcast and other media feeds simultaneously.


Entertainment & Movie Event Feeds

VHF/UHF Broadcast TV
Our entertainment and movie event feeds for broadcast TV are available to downlink for one-time use or term license. Segs are furnished in ATSC, NTSC or PAL format according to the clients needs and local TV requirements. Each seg is formatted to fully conform to established broadcast standards. Licensing fees are normally assessed on a small per viewer basis according to local market share.

Cable TV Our cable TV offerings follow the same general options as our broadcast TV feeds excepting in "must carry" markets. In "must carry" markets, OTA broadcast venues carrying TV-Wire content have a 24 hour embargoed broadcast window over cable delivery to allow the OTA locals to fold in their TV-Wire content into "local into local" cable markets. Fees are based on frequency of use and local market share. Licensing is available for customized content and term use.

Home Satellite TV Our home satellite HDTV offerings follow the same general options as our broadcast TV feeds excepting those exclusive TV-Wire supplied entertainment event segs customized for the home satellite market. Content is available via licensing only and fees are based on content offerings.

Internet Our exclusive HDi 16:9 WWW-Wire Web broadcast entertainment and movie event HDTV segs are available for Webcast on an exclusive or non exclusive basis. Non exclusive content may be carried by more than one Web venue. Fees are based on usage requirements and whether the clip is licensed as exclusive or not. Some restrictions may apply.

Cellular Our Cel-Wire cellular entertainment and movie event content delivery is available for cellular device smartphones that are capable of streaming video.

Available by license as a premium service and fee-based on a percentage of subscriber revenues. This service is available to cellular content providers only.

DVD Our HDTV movie premiere and TV press junket segs with on-camera interviews of the cast and filmmakers are available for inclusion into the "extras" of DVD releases. Give your DVD audience an exciting new "extra" by inviting them to "personally attend" the movie's premiere, press junket, or other media event associated with the theatrical release. Available by license as a one time fee or royalty based per unit.

"HDi" (High Definition iNTERNET) is a trademark (tm) of TV-Wire, a subsidiary of Media One Broadcasting.


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