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Atlanta Operations

General Manager/VP: Jac.Weiss

Entertainment Events Producer/VP (TV/Web): Enzo.Giobbe

Satellite Feed Content Producer: Amy.Marks

WWW-Wire (Webcast) Feed Content Producer: Judith.Brown

Cellular Feed Content Producer: Samantha Doyle

DVD Inclusions Content Producer: Mary.Powell


General Sales Manager: Mark.Roy

TV Broadcast, Cable, and SAT Content/Feed Sales: Dan.Bloscovich

60 Second Critic and Must See DVD
TV Broadcast and Webcast Coordinator/Sales: Jini.Lynn

Wire-Service and Webcast Content Sales: Mary.Johnson

DVD Inclusion Sales: Amy.Margolis

WireNews.TV Entertainment-Wire News Spectrum Feed Coordinator/Sales: Jani.Li

Cellular Content Sales/Tech: Florence Kilgore

Support and Scheduling

Web Operations: Brenda.Grey

Media and Venue Relations: Marty.Juno

Events, Crews, and SAT Feed Scheduling: Julie.Meadows

Advertising and Promotion: Sabrina.Sabata

Research: Amy.Smart

Rights and Clearances: June.Mendoza

Support Services Coordinator (including T2, T1, and FTP Services): Karen.Taylor

SAT Operations: Jim.Greenman, Tim.Johansson, Jim.Heinke, Nicky.Lyons, Jim.Hollingsworth

(Wire Sym: TV-HD)

West Coast Operations

Entertainment Events Producer: Enzo.Giobbe

West Coast Events On-Camera Reporter, 60 Second Critic, and
Must See DVD On-Camera Talent: Staci.Layne.Wilson (MPAA accredited)

West Coast Pool Feed Court Reporter/Legal Analyst: Inez.Gutierrez

East Coast Operations

Entertainment Events Producer: Anthony.DiCarlo

International Operations

European/UK Operations: Carlo.Rosselli

European Entertainment Events Producer/Reporter: Lea.Gianni

UK Entertainment Events Producer/On-Camera Reporter: Kerry.Cowell

Far East Operations: Yumi.Ito

Far East Entertainment Events Producer/On-Camera Reporter: Kazue.Furukawa

China (People's Republic) Operations (TV-HD.TV / ChinaSat): Wu.Hui

China (People's Republic) Events Producer/On-Camera Reporter: Li.Ming (People's Republic credentialed)

(TV-Wire International Wire Sym: TV-HD)

Media One Broadcasting
(TV-Wire Related)

Media 1 Broadcasting Subsidiaries Group: Dru.Carlisle

Media 1 Broadcasting / TV-Wire Coordinator: Li.Ruggiero

Media 1 Broadcasting Employment Opportunities: HRD.Janine.Rousseau
Media One Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity Employer

General Counsel: Robert.Drescher.Esq

Standards and Practices: Andrew.Pagano

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