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Founded in 1967 as Entertainment News Radio, TV-Wire (formally VidStar) has evolved into the largest TV supplier of "entertainment only" media events -- featuring exclusive HDTV and other media feeds throughout the day.

TV-Wire (wire sym: TV-HD) is a subsidiary of Media One Broadcasting (Media 1 TV) -- which also owns interests in TV and cable outlets.


Market Share and...

Distribution We furnish TV/cable broadcast venues with HDTV / SDTV entertainment and movie event reporting for their various day to day locally produced news and chat shows.

There are only three dedicated wire services in the U.S. that offer entertainment news feeds and TV-Wire is the only one that specializes in it 24/7.


Clients Our feed venues are comprised of the top domestic broadcast markets as reported by Nielsen Media Research and include all the major cable nets and large Web syndicates.



Q What other satellite services besides HDTV entertainment and movie event feeds do you offer?
A Dedicated and non dedicated satellite relay services for TV and cable broadcasters as well as common feed domestic and international satellite relays. We also offer non dedicated satellite time shares to domestic TV outlets. This is our primary business.

Our entertainment event feeds are a layered service available to all local TV/cable markets allowing them to successfully compete in this very popular area of news and feature reporting with larger Net affiliates located in their broadcast overlay.

Q How do you select which movies and DVDs to do an on-camera 60 Second Critic review of?
A For theatrical films, we must have ENG covered the premiere or attended the TV Press Junket. We only review DVDs with extras included.

Q How can I contact you about your services/fees?
A Email any of our service sales reps here, or if you are a TV broadcast venue, email your open feed C/KU band downlink frequency for an electronic rate card.


Q What factors influence your decision as to what entertainment events to cover?
A Our decision to request event accreditation is based on many factors -- including specific requests from our largest downstream TV and cable outlets and client Web syndicates. We also use data taken from the broadcasters rating index, CelebrityQ rankings, and the popularity and frequency of overall internet searches involving an entertainment event or personality.

Q Is your entertainment event coverage available to every broadcast and cable outlet on your satellite and wire service feeds?
A Yes. Based on our QOC ratings and exclusivity rights, our entertainment event coverage is available to all of our broadcast TV/cable downstream venues unless there is a specific overlay or venue embargo on the event.


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