Your TV eye on the world of entertainment news & events!
  Welcome to TV-Wire...   TV-Wire SAT feeds are now all in HDTV 16:9 format      

We specialize in timely up to the minute movie and entertainment
event reporting along with broadcast satellite feed and relay services.

Our entertainment news crews and on-air personalities cover the world of show biz stories and the full spectrum of entertainment news events.

TV-Wire's stand-alone satellite services include dedicated and non dedicated broadcast satellite feeds as well as common carrier domestic and international satellite relays for all TV and cable broadcasters.

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TV-Wire's SAT uplink facilities  24 Hour Service Feeds
TV-WireSM supplies TV and cable stations with 24/7 broadcast service feeds originating from our main U.S. based studio facility in Atlanta or our remote uplink facilities on both the East and West Coasts of the United States.

We also have leased or shared uplink facilities in London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and The People's Republic of China. Entertainment and movie event reporting have become a favored item of interest with TV viewers world wide, and our Entertainment-Wire service amply fulfills that interest.

  Remote Mobile SAT Uplink
One of TV-Wire's remote uplink mobile units
TV-Wire's East Coast and West Coast facilities include state-of-the-art mobile SAT uplink vehicles, ensuring that our feed subscribers always receive the very latest and up to the minute movie event and entertainment feature reporting on those important breaking news stories that warrant their use.

Each mobile unit is a full featured, self contained, self-powered SAT uplink facility and production studio, making our "direct from our crew to you" guarantee a true reality. Our multi-national entertainment news ENG crews always include entertaining and popular on-air personalities/reporters.